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2020 Conference Venue

Universidad de Cádiz

The University of Cádiz is a public university of the autonomous community of Andalusia in Spain. Founded in 1979, it currently offers 61 degrees and has become one of the highest institutions in the province of Cádiz, playing an essential role in its economy, given its open, cosmopolitan nature and its Atlantic projection welcomes students from five continents with important exchange agreements with Spanish-American, English, Russian and African universities. It is also part of the Erasmus European Program. The University of Cádiz has 20,798 students, 1,698 professors and 2680 administration and services professionals. The university has four campuses: Bahía de Algeciras, Jerez de la Frontera, Puerto Real and Cádiz. In the latter is the Rectorate and the oldest Faculty of the UCA, that of Medicine, as well as the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters and the Faculty of Economic and Business Sciences.



Universidad de Cádiz
Edificio Constitución de 1812
Antiguo Aulario la Bomba

Paseo de Carlos III, 3, 11003 Cádiz, España