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Frequently Asked Questions

International Congress

Proposal Submission

The submission of proposals is done through an online form that will ask for the following information:

Title of proposal
Summary (300 words maximum)
Theme of the congress
Type of session

Main author’s name
Main author’s surnames
Email for contact

If the proposal has co-authors, the main author should provide the same information about each one of them.

No. You can send as many proposals as you want. However, in order to give opportunity to the largest number of people to participate within the limitations of the programming, only one presentation per author and registration will be allowed. This means that three registered authors will be able to submit three articles jointly (ie as co-authors).

It is NOT allowed to modify ACCEPTED proposals. The Scientific Committee reserves the right to remove proposals that have modified after their acceptance.

While the proposal is awaiting revision you will be able to make amendments or add co-authors. Please follow the steps below:

1. Access your account at the congress platform with your username and password. If you don’t remember your password, request a new one by e-mail.

2. Find the proposal you want to modify and click on its title. If the proposal is still under review, it will appear in the ACTIVE section. If the proposal has already been accepted it will appear in the section ARCHIVE.

3. Once inside the proposal, click on the option SUMMARY. Then look for the EDIT METADATA option.

4. In this new screen, you can modify the data of the proposal (title, summary, keywords, and language), authors (name, surnames, university/organization, email, and country), and add or eliminate co-authors.

5. When finished, do not forget to click on the green button “SAVE METADATA» at the bottom of the page.

Remember that it is NOT allowed to modify ACCEPTED proposals. The Scientific Committee reserves the right to remove proposals that have modified after their acceptance.

Yes. Those who wish to participate in the congress but cannot attend the event in person can submit a proposal of Blended or Virtual Communication.

Blended Communication

This type of session is ideal for those who cannot attend the congress in person. This option allows the author to submit a 5-minute video that the organization will project in the rooms along with the in-person communications. In addition, this video will be published in the congress’ social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Youtube).

Virtual Communication

This type of session is ideal for those who cannot attend the congress in person. This option allows the author to submit a 5-minute video that the organization will publish in the congress’ social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Youtube).

  1. The author must record a video of their presentation lasting up to 5 minutes, which may consist of a slideshow, an oral presentation, or a combination of the two.
  2. The author should then upload the video to a platform (such as YouTube or Vimeo), setting the visibility option to ‘Public’.
  3. Your video should titled in line with the corresponding congress’ acronym & title, along with the presentation title (e.g. GKA HUMAN 2019 – Between the senses and reality, convergence in project-based learning)
  4. When submitting their proposal, authors must include the video link at the end of their proposal summary.
Being a 5-minute presentation, during which the authors will not be present in the congress rooms, and therefore will not be able to expand on or explain any queries which may arise during the projection of the video, slides must go together with a spoken commentary.

The following aspects should be considered:

  1. Communicative value. When submitting their proposal for review, authors should evaluate the communicative understanding of the video from visual, auditory and methodological standpoints.
  2. Scientific value. While creativity prevails in this type of communication, its application does not imply exempting the proposal from scientific components, typical of an academic event of this nature.
  3. Formal value. It is desirable that during the communication, the topic, problem, objectives, conclusions and contributions to the International Community / Congress / Featured topic / Convocation, or recurring themes related with the topic of study, can be clearly identified.
  4. Disclosure value. To assess that the discursive argument of the video is understandable to the audience, based on items 1, 2 & 3.
  5. Interpersonal value. Authors should present themselves visually, by way of a formal greeting – lasting a minimum of 30 seconds – at the beginning of the video.

Authors may send an article for publication in a book or journal of the community, according to the evaluation of the scientific committee.

To submit a paper, follow the instructions of the publication process.

Papers must be sent to publishing@gkacademics.com. They must be adapted to the template available for download and follow these guidelines. Do not forget to include in your message: congress you will attend, article title, authors, university and country.

The Scientific Committee will review your proposal within 2 weeks and send you a notification by email. This notification may end up in your spam folder. In this case please check the spam/junk folder and mark the message as desired mail so that to ensure the correct reception of subsequent notifications.

Yes, we will try to satisfy all requests. Once you have paid for your registration, you can propose us the day that best suits you to carry out your presentation. However, we only offer this option for registrations completed up to 2 months before the congress.

The first draft of the program will be available approximately two months before the start of the congress. If your proposal has been accepted, and you have registered and paid the fee, your presentation will be programmed in that draft. We accept proposals and registrations until the closing of the call, that is to say, approximately six weeks before the beginning of the congress. Remember that you can consult the list of accepted proposals any time.


Yes. Registration includes the issuance of 1 presentation and attendance certificate in the name of the person who registered the proposal and paid the registration.

1.1. Listener registration includes the issuance of 1 attendance certificate in the name of the person who paid the registration.

1.2. Blended registration includes the issuance and mailing of 1 blended attendance certificate in the name of the person who registered the proposal and paid the registration.

1.3. Virtual registration includes the issuance and mailing of 1 virtual attendance certificate in the name of the person who registered the proposal and paid the registration.

Important: It is NOT allowed to make any changes in proposals that have already been accepted. If you need to make an amendment or add a co-author, you must send a new proposal and wait for acceptance.

Registration includes the issuance of only 1 certificate of presentation and assistance in the name of the person who registered the proposal and paid the registration. If the main author of the proposal indicated the existence of co-authors at the time of submission, these will be recognized as such at the end of the certificate.

Important: co-authors can request their own certificate by paying a small fee (see next questions).

Yes. If you attend the congress and are a co-author of a proposal presented by another participant in the congress, you can request a in-person co-author certificate in your name for EUR 30.

Those interested should request it at support@gkacademics.com at least 15 days before the start of the congress to receive it during the event.

If the participant wants a certificate in the name of a co-author who has not attended the congress, he/she must request it at support@gkacademics.com.

This certificate has a suplement of 75 EUR per co-author and will be sent by ordinary mail once the congress has ended.

After making the payment for your blended/online registration you must send an email to support@gkacademics.com with the complete address where you wish to receive your certificate.

The certificate will be sent by ordinary mail within 1 month after the congress. The delivery time may vary depending on the country of destination.

If you identify a mistake in your certificate, you can request a new one from the organizers during the congress or through support@gkacademics.com. If the mistake is from GKA, the new certificate will be sent by certified postal mail at no cost to you within 1 month. If the mistake is foreign to GKA, the new certificate will be sent by certified postal mail within 1 month for a cost of 20 euros that must be paid by the interested party in advance.


The registration fee varies according to the anticipation of the payment and the type of registration chosen:

In-person modalities

– Registration to the full congress
– Registration for 1 day of congress
– Registration as a student
– Registration as a listener

Distance modalities:
– Blended registration
– Virtual registration

For more information, see the congress registration page.

Visit the registration page of the conference you wish to attend to check what each registration fee includes.

At the moment payments are accepted only through PayPal or bank transfer. You can create an account with PayPal and link it to your credit card or bank account.

At the moment payments with credit card are accepted only through PayPal. Paypal is an online payment platform that allows you to shop quickly and securely in stores all over the world.

Why use PayPal?

1. Paypal accepts 26 currencies from 203 countries and markets.

2. With PayPal you can make payments quickly with just an email address and a password or mobile/cell phone number and PIN. PayPal stores and protects your confidential financial information and does not share it with sellers.

3. Paypal allows you to link various credit cards and bank accounts to your Paypal account and choose the form of payment you want to use at any time.

4. Buying with PayPal is free. Only a small fee applies when there is currency conversion.

Learn more about Paypal in your country here.

Yes. Please use the bank account information below to make the payment of your registration, and then send an email to payments@gkacademics.com stating: date of transfer, amount, name of the Congress and name of the participant. Payment may take 10 to 15 business days to become effective. We will send you a confirmation email upon receipt of your payment.

Account Name: Global Knowledge Academics
Bank Name: Caixa Bank
Account Number: 2100 1736 21 0200189645
IBAN (electronic format): ES4721001736210200189645
IBAN (paper format): IBAN ES47 2100 1736 2102 0018 9645
Address of the bank: Calle Ezequiel Solana 83, C.P. 28017 – Madrid – España


Any bank transfer made from outside Spain must include 20 EUR/ 25 USD in addition to the total amount transferred. (This additional cost covers the commission applied by the intermediary banks.) InIn case the participant does not pay these bank fees, the registration will be incomplete.

Yes, you must send a request to support@gkacademics.com indicating your name, type of registration and date of payment.

If you can not attend the congress and you can not or do not want to transfer your registration to another person, you can request a refund of the payment. To do this, you must send us a written request to support@onartsandcultures.com. The amount to be returned will depend on the date on which we receive your request:

If you submit your return request up to 60 days before the first day of the Congress, you will be reimbursed 80% of your registration fee.

If you submit your return request between 60 and 30 days before the first day of the Congress, you will be refunded 50% of your registration fee.

If you submit your return request less than 30 days before the first day of the Congress, you will not receive a refund.

It will take 2 to 4 weeks to process your refund.

Substitutions are allowed between attendees, but you must notify us through the email support@onartsandcultures.com up to 15 days before the congress.

Yes. We offer letters of invitation to obtain visas for those participants who have paid the registration fee. Please send your request to support@onartsandcultures.com. Please note that if you cancel your registration, we will contact the embassy to revoke the invitation letter.

Specific visa questions should be addressed to your local government, the embassy, ​​or the immigration office. Immigration regulation policies vary by country, and often vary from year to year. Therefore, we are not in a position to advise you on this matter.

Yes. The special enrollment fee is available to groups of five (5) or more participants from the same institution or organization enrolling at the same time. This discount can not be combined with other discount offers.

Yes. Former participants are entitled a special 50 USD discount on the current Full Congress registration fee. To request the discount please send an email to support@onartsandcultures.com and attach your certificate of attendance or invoice from a previous congress.

Yes. A limited number of free registration scholarships will be awarded for Young Investigators in order to facilitate attendance to Congress. In return, they will be asked to chair and moderate parallel sessions during the days of the Congress (except for the session in which they make their own presentation). In order to qualify for these scholarships, applicants must have an accepted proposal. Guidelines are provided on how to chair sessions, including the protocol for introducing sessions and speakers, time management, the dynamics of questions and answers, etc. They will also be awarded an accrediting diploma, at the closing session of the congress.

Please remember that the scholarship does not cover airfare, accommodation, transportation and meals.

To apply for a scholarship or to get more information, visit the page Scholarships for Young Researchers.

Visit the Contact section and fill out the subscription form. In addition, all previous attendees will be informed of future congresses via email.

Collaborators and Sponsors

We are continually looking for places for future congresses and collaboration agreements. If you wish to host this congress in the future, please consult the information on the Partners and Sponsors page and contact us at support@onartsandcultures.com.

We offer several sponsorship opportunities for organizations or groups interested in our congresses. We ask that interested organizations be linked to the issues of the Congress and be willing to interact with the Congress community. To consult the possibilities of sponsorship, please take a look at the information in the section Partners and Sponsors and contact us at support@onartsandcultures.com.


Journal Collection

Yes. The associated scholarly journal accepts paper submission throughout the year with no need to attend the congress. You can find more information about the publishing processes in the Journals section.

The publication of the article in a book has a management cost of 75 EUR. The peer-review for the journal is free if the article is rejected. If the article is accepted, the cost of publication amounts to EUR 125. Congress participants are entitled to free publication.

We recommend using the standard template available for authors and to consult our section of Guidelines.

The time lapse may vary. Once the article is received, and after verifying that formal submission rules are met, the article is sent to two referees for review, which may last several weeks. As soon as the referees reports are received, they will be made available to you. Then, you will be asked to send the final version of your article within two weeks for final publication. Articles are published continuously, so your final article will be published immediately once the publishing process has been completed.

In the typesetting phase only minor changes will be accepted. All major content changes must have been made in the previous phase, so focus should be on spelling errors (italics, capitalization, headers, etc.). We will send you a test/proofreading. If there are excerpts highlighted in yellow, then you must send us this information in order to continue the process.

Your article will be published on the website of the journal, in the section «Current». Visit the Journal Collection section to access the websites of the scholarly journal.

No. You will only receive an electronic copy of your article.

Yes, you can assign a Creative Commons open license for your article, which will allow you to reuse the published version of your article wherever you want (personal web page, institutional repository, etc.). And it will be open access in our platform immediately. The price of immediate full open access is USD 85.00.

We follow a delayed open access policy, that is, the content of the articles will not be open access until two years after publication. In the meantime, you can access the content of our journals by various means: university subscription, purchase of a complete number or purchase of individual articles.

There are two types of subscriptions depending on whether the contractor is an individual or an institution. The duration of subscriptions is one year, but it may be renewed.

To contract an individual subscription you must be registered in the journal. When you have registered, you will need to go to your main user page. Then just click on the «Manage my subscriptions» link.

However, if you want to hire a subscription on behalf of an institution, you do not need to log on to the platform. The user’s domain or IP address will be used to give access to subscription content.

To purchase an entire issue you must be registered in the journal. Once registered, you only have to access the complete number through the summary (within the tabs “Current» or “Archives” of each journal). If you click on the link of the PDF file, the platform will give you the option to purchase the issue through your Paypal account.

To purchase an article you must be registered in the journal. Once registered, you have to access the article you want to purchase through the table of contents (within the tabs «Current» or “Archives” of each journal). If you click on the link of the PDF file, the platform will give you the option to purchase the item through your Paypal account.

If you are interested in refereeing articles, please send us an email to publishing@gkacademics.com.

Yes. If you wish to receive a certificate, please send us an email to publishing@gkacademics.com specifying the journal for which you have collaborated, and we will deliver it as soon as possible.