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The Arts and Cultures Collection

The Collection of Arts and Cultures covers a wide range of topics related to the development of universal art, such as: contexts, historical framework and symbolic-expressive productions; new artistic management narratives; the cultural heritage; art as a factor of identity and community cohesion; construction of curatorial scripts, formation of concepts and associative matrices; critical reception of contemporary art; asymmetries-access of images in the global order and their differential factors of use, among other topics. The Collection includes theoretical works, thematic reviews, methodological proposals and case studies, written from an interdisciplinary perspective, also encompassing the connotation of actions, which, with aims marked by aesthetics and the sensitive vision of the world, express ideas and multidisciplinary arguments through matter, image, sound and body.

Experts review The International Arts and Cultures Review, using a publication process based on academic quality criteria. This ensures the publication of only intellectually significant works. The review system uses external evaluators.

The Arts and Cultures International Review

The International Arts and Cultures Review

The Journal is interested in cultural ways and functions-meanings of artistic practice.

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