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The International Arts and Cultures Review

The International Arts and Cultures Review explores the new artistic and cultural forms, the product of the encounter art-technology-science, without losing sight of the symbolic-expressive productions of universal art as a basis of contemporary representation systems and the dimension of territoriality that has incorporated them into a true visual observatory of actions, exchange and global reach. This multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary journal is an academic platform for researchers, professors, artists and professionals from diverse fields of study, who have interest in a solid theoretical and critical position about the functions that aesthetic experience and cultural practice represent for contemporary problems.

The International Arts and Cultures Review publishes articles written in rigorous academic format, texts of both theoretical and practical orientation, with a prescriptive and descriptive approach, including narratives and the effects of evaluative practices.

Articles that present the status of the art of this specialty, as well as texts with methodological proposals, are especially welcome.

Experts review the journal using a publication process based on academic quality criteria. The review system uses external evaluators. This ensures the publication of only intellectually significant works.

Editorial Board

Scientific Director

  • Gustavo Norberto Duperré, Universidad del Salvador and Head Office of Culture and Education, Argentina.

Editorial board

  • Rafael L. Cabrera Collazo, Universidad Interamericana de Puerto Rico, USA.
  • Olga Kolotouchkina, Universidad CEU San Pablo, Madrid, Spain.
  • Javier Sierra-Sanchez, Universidad Camilo José Cela, Madrid, España.
  • Rodrigo Alonso, Universidad Nacional de las Artes / Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero / Universidad del Salvador, Argentina.
  • Alejandro Jiménez-Serrano, Universidad de Jaén, Spain.
  • Pilar Montoya Chica, Departamento de Música Antigua del Conservatorio Superior de Castilla y León / Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain.
  • Javier Ares Yebra, Universidad de Vigo (Spain) / Academia Argentina de Artes y Ciencias de la Comunicación
  • Alejandro Pérez Ordóñez, Grupo de Investigación “Laboratorio de Arqueología y Arquitectura de la Ciudad (LAAC), Spain.
  • Marcos Aurelio Vélez Rivera, Universidad Ana G. Méndez, Recinto de Carolina, Puerto Rico.
  • Ruth Alonso Cabral, Universidad del Salvador / Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero, Argentina.
The International Arts and Cultures Review
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